issue 27 — Spring 2015 Cover


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issue 27 — Spring 2015

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• social media tips

• agility ladders

• knee gasket review

• wheel review

• training true beginners to skate

• 2014 World Cup recap

• plus more, including ten years of the WFTDA, skin care product review, coaching junior derby saved my skate, juking the hurdles: leaping into a successful derby career

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issue 26 — Winter 2014 Cover


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issue 26 — Winter 2014

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• 2014 WFTDA championships recap

• foot pain management

• opening jam strategies

• newbies and muscle conditioning

• muscle massage roller review

• WFTDA and MRDA collaboration

• plus more, including assists techniques, roller derby in school, bout braids, skating without a rink

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issue 25 — Fall 2014 Cover


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issue 25 — Fall 2014

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• plyometrics

• kinesio tape

• reducing injuries

• wheel overview

• quick and cheap gear upgrades

• start-up leagues: first year setup

• plus more, including Team Lobster, running of the bulls derby style, wave accounting software, welcome packet

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herbal derby Cover


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herbal derby

Gypsy Wagon Apothecary and fiveonfive present herbal derby
A user friendly cookbook focusing on the medicinal properties of 5 popular kitchen herbs.
By detailing their medicinal properties along with some entertaining facts and applications, users of this book begin to understand how our food can become delicious medicine.
With a few simple adjustments, Herbal Derby can easily accommodate every dietary requirement for optimal health and vitality.
Recipes include:
Almond Butter Bombs / Cherry Bombs / Mt. Bierstadt Trail Mix / Raw-some Energy Bites
Chillin’ Out Summertime Soup / Refreshing Watermelon Gazpacho / Kickin’ Carrot Soup / Winter Comfort Udon Soup
Chickpea Salad / Springtime Boogie Salad / Clean Slate Salad / ROYGBIV Salad
Fresh and Tasty Rice Noodle Bowl / Happy Flavors Rice Pilaf / Super-Duper Sweet Potato Chili / Curry Tofu Scramble
Grilled Eggplant / Grilled Citrus Asparagus / Marrakesh Carrots / Sweet Potato Wraps
Rockin’ Pops / Creamy Dreamy Cacao Pie / Cinnamon Spice Rice Pudding / Mexican Street Treats

rookie guide Cover


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rookie guide


A compilation of the best articles for rookies from over 20 issues

• Derby nutrition

• Derby weight training

• Off skates training

• Anatomy of a derby skate

• Breaking in new skates

• What wheels are best?

• Cleaning bearings and wheels

• Plus lots more, including finding the right pads, derby/life balance, the dos and don’ts for newbies, how to stand out in the fresh meat pool

issue 24 — Summer 2014 Cover


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issue 24 — Summer 2014

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• Ankle Rehab

• Plate Research

• Roller Derby Fashion

• Going Stopless

• Sports Bra Review

• Navigating RollerCon

• Plus more, including generating the most accurate WFTDA rankings, getting involved in the community, tryouts: conquering nerves and getting ahead

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