issue 23 — spring 2014 Cover


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issue 23 — spring 2014

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• Tips for Effective Team Leadership

• Acupuncture and Derby

• Transitioning to New Skates

• Derby/Life Balance

• Derby Makeup: How to Create a Killer Look

• Surviving the Fresh Meat Program

• Plus more, including advice on how to adapt to the new WFTDA rule set, derby over 40, helmet liner review, eight stretches before you skate

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Issue 22 — Winter 2013 Cover


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Issue 22 — Winter 2013

• WFTDA Championships Recap

• Guide to Derby Gear

• Secrets of an Overachieving Derby Girl

• Do You Know Your Rights?

• Shin Splints

• Vagine Regime Documented

• Plus more, including Junior Derby Gear, General Anxiety Disorder and Roller Derby, Life After Derby

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Issue 21 — Fall 2013 Cover


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Issue 21 — Fall 2013

• Free and Inexpensive Marketing Techniques

• Yoga on Skates

• Athlete Nutrition

• Balance in Derby

• Plates 201

• Derby Tattoos

• Plus more, including 12 step program for parents to be better sports parents, what retired derby players want their former teammates to know, derby fitness

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Issue 20 — Summer 2013 Cover


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Issue 20 — Summer 2013

• How to Make a Small League Profitable

• ACL Injuries and Prevention

• Derby Nutrition

• Statistic Changes with the 2013 Rules Set

• How to Stand out in the Fresh Meat Pool

• Research Survey Results: How Body Image is Affected by Participation

• Plus more, including the Retirement Struggle, WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs, Introduction to Derby Law

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Issue 19 — Spring 2013 Cover


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Issue 19 — Spring 2013

• Derby Super Foods

• Low Back Pain and Derby

• Goal Setting

• Traveling Light for Derby

• Running a Functioning Organization

• Deaf Skaters

• Plus more, including Yoga for Derby Girls, Tips on Checking Your Gear, Team Vagine Regime, WFTDA’s New Division Playoff Structure

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issue 18 – winter 2012 Cover


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issue 18 – winter 2012

• Pad Cleaning Product Review

• How to Build a Team Bond

• Common Gear Questions and Misconceptions part two

• Derby Burnout part two

• the Dos and Don’ts for Newbies

• Coaching and the Wizard of Oz

• 2012 WFTDA Championships Recap

• Plus more, including a Wheel Review, WFTDA’s Growing Presence in Europe, Defensive Play: Agitators and Enforcers, How Good Video Can Help Your League

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